UNCCD: Information on Land Day 4 and the World Day to Combat Desertification

    The latest edition of the UNCCD News Alert (11 June – 24 June 2011) has been published. Here are some excerpts:

    World Day to Combat Desertification: Read the powerful message of Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon and of Mr. Luc Gnacadja and listen to the messages sent in by the Global Mechanism, the UNCCD SLM Champion, IFAD, UNFCCC, CBD, UNEP, WMO and others, visit: http://www.unccd.int/publicinfo/june17/2011/menu.php?newch=l12

    To download to your mobile phone and for webcast the film, Forest keep drylands working, prepared by environmental journalist John Liu for the Day, visit: http://www.unccd.int/publicinfo/june17/2011/menu.php

    For information about the global events that were organized, go to: http://www.unccd.int/publicinfo/june17/2011/map.php

    For information about the designation of international soccer star, Mr. Carlos Marchena, as UNCCD Drylands Ambassador, visit: http://www.unccd.int/publicinfo/june17/2011/menu.php?newch=Madrid

    Listen to the BBC’s interview of John Liu via: http://www.unccd.int/publicinfo/june17/2011/menu.php

    Land Day: The Report of Land Day 4, including the PowerPoint presentations of the speakers is available at: http://www.unccd.int/publicinfo/landday/2011/menu.php