20. – 22.06.2011 | Deutsche Welle: Global Media Forum “Human Rights and Globalization – Challenges for the Media”

The world has become a global marketplace for goods, ideas and news. Under inhumane conditions, women in Asia produce cheap shirts for department stores in the West. Billions of people are without clean water and sufficient food. More and more people in the Southern Hemisphere want to migrate to the USA or Western Europe. Chinese investors are securing jobs in the USA. IT workers in India are solving software problems for European companies. Fishers in Bangladesh call for market prices via mobile phone.

The world has become more complex – even experts are finding it hard to comprehend how everything interacts. This is where the media has an important role: to explain and create transparency and public awareness. “Human rights and globalization – challenges to the media” is the theme of the next Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn. For its fourth occurrence from June 20 to 22, 2011, Deutsche Welle once again expects more than 1,300 participants from around the globe. In more than 40 panels and workshops renowned experts will discuss the many aspects of the 2011 theme.

Issues include:

  • How can the media better meet the increased demands to deliver information, analysis and evaluation of global interaction?
  • How can the media help to sustainably sharpen awareness of the universal validity of human rights?
  • How can the media promote respect for and assertion of these rights, especially in closed societies?
  • How can journalists protect themselves from becoming victims of human rights violations?

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Conference trailer: http://www.dw-gmf.de/conference_2011/5616.php