10.09.2019 | EADI: Panel at PEGNet Conference on Social Protection

“Political Economy of Building Social Protection Systems: Explaining Varieties of Change”. Based on paper presentations, the EADI panel discussion at the upcoming PEGNet Conference aims at creating an interactive platform for debating latest advances made in exploring the interaction effects between different social protection policy areas from a political economy perspective. The session takes place on Tuesday, 10 September, 13:45–15:45

Fragmentation across social protection policies is a problem often observed in many low and middle income countries diminishing the potential effects of social protection on inclusive development. To develop coordinated social protection systems it is important to move away from an isolated view of single instruments towards a comparative understanding of political economies across different pillars of social protection.


  • Callistus Agbaam, Ruhr-University Bochum: Determinants of Public Support for Social Protection in Ghana
  • Katja Bender, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg: Understanding multiple trajectories of extending social protection to the poor – An analysis of institutional change in Kenya
  • Markus Loewe, German Development Institute: Replacing subsidies by direct cash transfers in the Middle East and North Africa: Strategic options to deal with challenges


Susanne von Itter, Executive Secretary, EADI

About the Conference:

This year’s conference is entitled “Promoting social, economic and socio-political development through social protection”.

Social protection is a key instrument for fostering social, economic and political development. It is well established that it is not only essential for the reduction of vulnerability, income poverty and income inequality but also for the promotion of human development as it facilitates access to education, health care, nutrition, housing and reduces gender disparities. In recent years, there has been a growing consensus that social protection is also an important requirement for fostering economic growth, social cohesion and political stability. Read more

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Source: Notification EADI e.V., August 2019