EADI Develop Your Talents: Call for Application | Mentoring Programme

Pursuing a career in academia can be challenging. Young scholars have to deal with a number of questions and uncertainties concerning research work, career planning and personal life such as publishing strategies, the importance of conferences and presentation of own research, finding entry points for building own networks, life-work balance and many more.

The EADI Mentoring Programme “Develop Your Talent” provides young scholars with the chance to exchange with someone further advanced in their career. The mentoring does not offer professional coaching to the mentees, but accompaniment on a younger sister/elder sister level. As some of our mentors are also active in the Working Groups, opportunities for further collaboration may arise.


  • Experienced scholars to provide one-to-one guidance and support to young/early career researchers pursuing a career in academia


  • Young and early career researchers
  • Female researchers


  • The programme is coordinated by the EADI secretariat
  • Working Group convenors and other members from the EADI network serve as mentors (on voluntary basis)
  • Mentees will be paired with mentors according to their field of interest and for a limited period (suggested are 6-12 months) giving individual guidance on issues such as publishing, careers selection, networking and conferences. The mentor offers support, advice and reflection.
  • The mentoring does not offer professional coaching to the mentees, but rather exchange with someone further advanced in their career.
  • The secretariat does not coordinate or facilitate the individual mentoring interactions. It is up to the mentor/mentee’s choice how often they meet and by what means (in person, via skype,…)
  • Participation in the programme does not entail eligibility to financial support for travel costs etc.

Call for Applications

The call for the 2020 mentoring programme is open until 30 September 2019.

Download the call

Applicants are required to submit their CVs and the completed application form clearly stating what motivates them to apply for the mentorship programme. We particularly welcome applications from women.

The programme is open to EADI student members (Student Membership is now for free). It is possible to join after the application has been admitted.

Please use this form to send us your application to donnelly@eadi.org

Source: Notification EADI e.V., June 2019