UNCCD: Photo Competition 2018

With the aim to raise awareness on land degradation, desertification, drought and other land related issues, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification UNCCD- Capacity Building Marketplace (CBM) recently launched the 2018 Land Photo Competition with the theme “Have you been affected by land degradation? Show us how”. The UNCCD CBM Team invites everyone to participate in this competition.

Winners will receive:

•        150 EUR for the first place
•        100 EUR for the second place
•        75 EUR for the third place

Additionally those with the 10 best photos will get a UNCCD package including CBM brochures and other promotional materials, a CBM T-shirt, a CBM bag plus an USB flash-drive containing all the UNCCD publications.

The details about the competition can be found here: https://knowledge.unccd.int/cbm/photo-competition-2018

Source: News UN Bonn, 23.05.2018