ICLEI: City networks launch One Planet Charter to drive local implementation of the Paris Agreement

The One Planet Summit took place on 12 December 2017 in Paris and world leaders keep pushing forward to finance climate action.

Called by President Emmanuel Macron of France on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement, the One Planet Summit saw national leaders gather in the French capital to provide renewed energy to climate action, with a specific focus on finding the resources necessary to support the rapid, world-wide implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Exactly one month ago, the Bonn-Fiji Commitment was approved at the Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders place at COP23 in Bonn. On 12 December 2017, local and regional leaders along with city networks joined the One Planet Summit to further cement their role as equal partners with national governments in the implementation of climate plans.

At the One Planet Summit, ICLEI, C40 and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy announced the One Planet Charter to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement in cities and local governments across the world.

Through the One Planet Charter, cities commited to specific climate action that drives investments, sustainable public procurement, and policy decisions in renewable energy, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and efforts for zero emission buildings and zero waste. The Charter highlights cities’ commitment to increase demand for sustainable and resilient infrastructure, products and services while also recognizing the importance of working closely with national governments and the private sector to mobilize global climate action.

The One Planet Charter builds on the Bonn-Fiji commitment at the COP23 international climate conference in November and sustainable procurement initiatives such as ICLEI’s Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement and the 100% Renewable Energy Cities & Regions Campaign, as well as C40 Cities’ Fossil Fuel Free Streets.

“When we got to Paris two years ago for COP21, our main aim as local and regional leaders was to be awarded the necessary recognition as key climate players. This recognition was clear and unequivocal in the Paris Agreement. A month ago in Bonn, local and regional leaders have taken this one giant step further with the Bonn-Fiji Commitment and their unprecedented involvement in the official UNFCCC processes. This ushered in a new era of climate action at all levels of government of which the One Planet Summit is an important milestone. The summit sets the stage for a 2018 which needs to be dense with dialogues and early action if we are to truly fix the climate before it’s too late. The good news is: we’re on the right track” commented Gino Van Begin, ICLEI Secretary General.

The One Planet Summit brought about new financing pledges by national governments, while launching initiatives to accelerate access to existing finance.

Mauricio Rodas, Mayor of Quito, member of the ICLEI Regional Executive Committee for South America and Board Member of the Global Covenant, is spearheading an effort to call on South American national governments for more direct involvement of local and regional governments in the financing infrastructure, implementation and revision of national climate plans. The call is backed by major multilateral development banks, development agencies and local and regional government networks. As the first associate member of the NDC Partnership, ICLEI is working to promote a multilevel governance approach to climate planning. This initiative will bring the benefits of this approach to the myriad parallel consultations which are expected to take place in 2018 as part of the Talanoa Dialogue – a process designed to accelerate the revision and improvement of national climate plans through greater involvement of local and regional governments as well as other key climate actors.

Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul and President of ICLEI, joined the One Planet Summit, symbolically connecting the Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders at COP23 to future appointments, such as the California Global Climate Action Summit in September 2018. As a leading driver of ICLEI’s Global Sustainable Procurement Network, Mayor Park  also shared how cities can do more to influence and support the low-carbon transition by first and foremost adjusting their procurement policies to match their climate ambitions.

Source: Website ICLEI, 12.12.2017