EADI – European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes

EADI pursues the following objectives:

  • to promote quality in research and education in development studies.
  • to promote contacts among affiliated members, inter alias, by disseminating information on research in progress or on studies and experiments in training and on new training schemes.
  • to establish or facilitate exchanges, working relations and useful cooperation between the affiliates on the one hand and the regional associations, institutions of research and/or training and individual researchers in African, Asian and Latin American countries on the other.
  • to cooperate with governments, development agencies, and international organisations, in development training and research activities.
  • to communicate and disseminate research and training results on development to government and private development agencies, international organisations, as well as to policy-makers and the mass media.
  • EADI receives core funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) and the Land North Rhine-Westphalia / Federal City of Bonn.
  • EADI is hosted by three institutions: German Development Institute (DIE), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and the Centre for Development Research (ZEF).

What does EADI offer?

  • EADI Portal helps you to access quality research output and a wealth of knowledge on international development issues generated by our network, e.g. Environment, Food Security and Climate Change.
  • EADI Research Monitor offers you a wide range of freely available research to work with, concerning diverse issues connected to development cooperation.
  • Bonner Impulse is a public series of events with the focus on European development policy.
  • EADI Education Portal gives you an overview on education offers in the field of development cooperation, job offers and our student membership.

Website: www.eadi.org