09.04.2019 | Bridge 47: Second Bridge 47 Global Event to take place at ICSW 2019!

Bridge 47 global events bring together participants coming from very different geographic, spiritual, cultural, professional and other backgrounds, united in the commitment to use the transformative power of education to pave the way to a more just and sustainable world.

On 9 April 2019, as part of the International Civil Society Week 2019, Bridge 47 will bring together different actors engaged in global citizenship education (GCE) and other types of value-based education on one hand, and the broader civil society representatives:

  • To critically reflect on the role that civil society plays in supporting civic action
  • To discuss in what ways GCE unfolds a transformative power, benefiting civil society efforts in engaging citizens and addressing global challenges
  • Get inspired to actively use effective GCE approaches and methodologies for critical self-reflection, and creative civic action
  • Learn from each other and share ideas and experiences with making a change in the world

Bridge 47 has reserved a number of places for the Bridge 47 Network members. Apply now to join us in Belgrade for a set of highly participatory, inspiring sessions led by GCE in practice – to connect, debate and create shared solutions for a positive social change!

If selected…

  • You will be immersed in the Bridge 47 Network – a vibrant network of professionals and enthusiasts committed to working towards a different tomorrow through education.
  • You will be exposed to a range of global citizenship education (GCE) tools to improve ways  of engaging citizens and making a change
  • You will benefit from a number of learning and networking opportunities to build alliances and exchange ideas with up to a thousand ICSW 2019 participants coming from all around the world.

The Bridge 47 will be covering the costs of your participation in both Bridge 47 and ICSW 2019 events and sessions, your transport to Belgrade (and back), accommodation and meals. (However, please note that you will be asked to contribute with a small fee, between 50 and 250 euros, based on self-assessment)

Apply here by 17 February 2019 at the latest! Early applications are encouraged; they will be assessed on a rolling basis.

Quelle: Neuigkeiten Bridge 47, 15.02.2019