General Anzeiger: New deposit system to rid of disposable cups

Around 40,000 disposable cups are used daily in Bonn. The best case scenario is that they land in a garbage can somewhere in the city, and in the worst case they end up littering streets and parks. A plan is being worked to put an end to the waste.

No time for breakfast at home, and on the way to the next appointment, a dose of caffeine helps the concentration.   “Coffee-to-go” has long been a part of our everyday lives. The consequences go without saying. Around 40,000 disposable cups are used daily in Bonn. At best, these fill up city dumpsters, and at worst they end up littering city streets, plazas and parks.

A political coalition of CDU, FDP and the Greens want to change this, proposing a reusable system in which people can have hot drinks filled in their own cups and tap water in their refillable bottles for free.  Businesses that oppose this should offer a commercial deposit system.

The system is called “Bonn Refill” and would come on the heels of initiatives already in place such as the “Bring.mich.zurück” campaign of the Stadtwerke Bonn (public utilities) and the “LogiCup” from a university student group. The new project would be managed by municipal waste company Bonnorange.   A decision in favor of the project was made in the most recent city council meeting.


Author: Gabriele Immenkeppel, 23.07.2018