15.11.2017 | Deutsches Komitee für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung: How do cities contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs?

10 am – 12 am, Room K1
Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn
Ahrstraße 45
53175 Bonn


During this event, representatives of urban politics and development discuss the challenges, opportunities and advances of cities in regard to implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement. The discussion also addresses how science can support cities in their efforts to become more sustainable.

Project group „SDGs and cities“ of the DKN German Committee Future Earth (Dr. Florian Koch, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ Leipzig and Dr. Kerstin Krellenberg, Tilia GmbH and UFZ Leipzig, with support of Dr. Barbara Malburg-Graf, German Committee Future Earth (DKN), Stuttgart) in cooperation with the global sustainability research and innovation programme Future Earth (Dr. Thorsten Kiefer, Global Hub Paris).


Source: Notification Deutsches Komitee für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung, 09.11.2017