WGBU: New fact sheet – Research for the transformation of the cities towards sustainability

In the report “Humanity on the move – Unlocking the transformative power of cities” (2016) the WBGU addresses the transformation of cities towards sustainability. Research is key here since the urban transformation is a learning and search process. This new factsheet recaps the recommendations for research of the report.

These entail:

  • the strengthening of basic research,
  • the establishment of new data infrastructures,
  • new forms of agenda setting,
  • the capacity development and exchange of knowledge for transdisciplinary research,
  • the creation of interconnected research centres at the city and regional levels: ‘50 urban real-world laboratories for 50 years.’

The factsheet can be downloaded here: http://www.wbgu.de/fileadmin/user_upload/wbgu.de/download/wbgu_factsheet_6_en.pdf

Source: Notification WGBU, 02.02.2017