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Greetings from Bonn! Here at the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development, we have been busy unrolling a number of online offerings, including free webinars on cross-cutting issues related to Sustainable Development, that you might find interesting. You might remember our webinar on Policy Innovations for Transformative Change organized in collaboration with UNRISD, which featured a lively discussion on how integrated and coherent policy making with an “eco-social” focus can create more inclusive, equitable and sustainable societies. If you still haven’t had a chance to watch it, here is the link. In the same spirit, UNSSC recently partnered with UN DOCO to launch a webinar series on Funding to Financing, which focuses on the issue of achieving sustained development financing for longer-term support and creating maximum impact.

In this update, you will find the following information:

Achieving Sustained Development Financing for Agenda 2030 – Funding to Financing webinar series

The rapidly transforming development finance landscape affects the UN Development System’s capacity to implement Agenda 2030. Faced with the task of delivering on the agenda with limited resources, it is crucial for the United Nations to examine, deliberate, and determine how to achieve sustained development financing for longer-term support and create maximum impact. To provide a platform where UN staff and partners can exchange knowledge and expertise to address this challenge, the UN Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO), has partnered with the UN System Staff College (UNSSC), to launch the Funding to Financing webinar series. This 5-session webinar series is currently ongoing. Below are the links to watch the recordings of the first two webinars, and to sign up for the last three. Read more

  • Session 1: What is it? Why is it important? How do we do it? Watch it now!
  • Session 2: How to calculate the full financing flows in your country Watch it now!
  • Session 3: Leveraging UN resources and Innovation (28 Feb, 8:30 am EST) Register now!
  • Session 4: UN Financing instruments, UN Pooled Funds and Financing Architectures (14 Mar, 8:30 am EST) Register now!
  • Session 5: Resource Mobilisation (28 Mar, 8:30 am EST) Register now!

You will find all recordings from this series on the UNSSC webinar platform here.

Upcoming Courses


Foundational Course on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

20 Feb – 24 Mar 2017 (5 weeks), Online

The foundational course will equip you with a sound understanding of the concept of sustainable development as well as the vision and principles of Agenda 2030. It explores the three pillars of sustainable development while taking a look at the inter-linkages between climate change, planetary boundaries, social inclusion and human rights. Read more

Building Partnerships for Sustainable Development

7 Mar – 10 Mar 2017, Bonn (Germany)

This course is designed to strengthen the knowledge and understanding of UN staff regarding the imperatives for building partnerships in the context of a rapidly evolving development cooperation environment. We are pleased to share the list of speakers who will join us for the course: Ms. Joan Elise Dubinsky, Former Director of the UN Ethics Office and Chief Ethics Officer for the United Nations; Ms. Deirdre White, CEO and Mr. Matt Clark, Senior Global Engagement Manager of PYXERA Global; Ms. Alexandra van Ploeg, CSR Program Lead Social Sabbatical at SAP SE; Ms. Liz McKeon, Head of Strategy of IKEA Foundation; Mr. Ian Shapiro, Chief Partnership and Growth Office of Crown Agents. Read more

Stakeholder Engagement and Consensus Building for Sustainable Development

28 Mar – 30 Mar 2017, Bonn (Germany)

This three-day course, designed and delivered in partnership with the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), aims at providing an in-depth overview of strategies for assessing, designing and convening multi-stakeholder partnerships and initiatives to implement Agenda 2030, through case studies and realistic simulations. At the end of the course, participants will have explored sustainable development as an ongoing process of negotiation, consensus building and partnership building among stakeholders with diverse economic, environmental and social interests and values. Read more

Leveraging Big Data for Sustainable Development

28 Mar – 31 Mar 2017, Cambridge (USA)

This course will enable you to learn how to make the Big Data revolution people-centered i.e. help shape the emerging Big Data ecosystem in ways that foster social progress and citizen empowerment across the globe, especially of poor and vulnerable communities. Read more

Leading in Sustainable Development

3 Apr – 7 Apr 2017, Bonn (Germany)

This five-day training programme focuses on the role of leaders as catalysts for change as well as ways to reshape partnerships for effective action, in the context of the sustainable development agenda. Designed and delivered in partnership with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Association, this course builds on inputs from renowned speakers and visionary leaders, and addresses different dimensions of leadership, from individual values to organizational incentives. Through diverse formats and exclusive peer-to-peer exchanges, it also examines some of the core dilemmas, leaders need to overcome to shape true pathways for sustainable change. Read more

More information:

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Source: Newsletter UNSSC, 16.02.2017