Bonner General-Anzeiger: Clean and quiet travel in Bonn

Six E-Buses have been transporting Bonn passengers around the city since January. Depending on an evaluation at year’s end, there may be more to come.

Since the beginning of the year, they have been making their way up and down the streets of Bonn.  You can see them but it’s harder to hear them.  Six E-Buses have become part of Bonn’s city bus fleet, financed by European project “ZeEUS.”  In Paris and London, “ZeEUS” also supports increased electric mobility.

City public works (SWB) spokesperson Veronika John says all city buses, with the exception of airport buses, could be exchanged by 2030 if the new technology proves feasible.  Julia Huske, who rides the bus and trams on a daily basis, said she hopes this happens because one has to think about future generations.  Mohammed Zimmerman says, “E-bus?  I think it’s good because it’s much quieter than the others.”  Passenger Calogero Granatella views it this way, “I think the technology will win out. It’s unfortunately just very expensive.”

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Author: Clara Geilen, 02.08.2016