UNFCCC: India and Germany Step up Cooperation on Clean Energy

During a visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to India on Monday, the German Chancellor and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed their joint determination to boost clean energy and to make the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in December of this year a success.

Both leaders expressed their full support to France for reaching an ambitious, comprehensive and equitable climate agreement and agreed to enhance collaboration towards the common aim of developing climate-friendly, efficient and sustainable solutions for India’s expanding energy needs.

The two leaders expressed satisfaction at the successful implementation of the “Green Energy Corridors” project (information about this subject hier), which has been expanded by 400 million Euro.

India welcomed Germany’s readiness to assist in meeting its renewable energy target under the umbrella of the Solar Partnership with 1 billion Euros over the next five years, designed to improve access to clean energy in India’s rural locations.

Read the joint statement hier.

Source: Notification from UNFCCC from 06.10.2015