ICLEI: City resources available in the Compact of Mayors

By the end of July 105 cities have already committed to the Compact of Mayors, agreeing to follow the new global standardized reporting framework for climate change mitigation and adaptation. This unique initiative focuses on leading cities and towns around the globe that are committed to accelerate climate action, regularly report on developments, and support the identification of trends that will enhance the understanding of addressing climate change more effectively.

Among the most recent committed local governments are: New York (USA), Salvador (Brazil), Cuernavaca (Mexico), Milan (Italy) and Berlin (Germany). Of the 105 Compact committed cities and towns, 61% are reporting to the carbonn ® Climate Registry (cCR) – a voluntary reporting platform for all local and subnational governments that supports their Measurable, Reportable, Verifiable (MRV) climate action. The cCR is a recognized Compact of Mayors (and Compact of States and Regions) reporting platform, and is also the designated central repository of the Compact of Mayors where data aggregation will be coordinated.

The available Compact resources for local governments can be found on the website: www.compactofmayors.org/resources/. This includes guidance on reporting requirements for each of the 4 Phases.

Many of the cities listed here have also shown their commitment through other climate initiatives such as the Earth Hour City Challenge (a cooperation between WWF and ICLEI), the Mexico City Pact, and other initiatives. These mutually reinforcing initiatives are supporting local governments to progress, with the Compact aimed at taking them to an unprecedented level of reporting and action. Join us, make use of available support and guidance, and act!

For more information, please visit: http://www.compactofmayors.org/.

Source: ICLEI iNews July 2015