WWEA Quarterly Bulletin 1-2014 published: Highlight Wind Power in China

    On the occasion of the 13th Word Wind Energy Conference WWEC2014 in Shanghai, WWEA has published the first edition of its magazine WWEA Quarterly Bulletin – 1-2014. Printed issues of the Bulletin will be available during the forthcoming WWEC2014 (www.wwec2014.net) which will have a special focus on “Distributed Wind Power”. The WWEC2014 will take place from 7-9 April, in conjunction with the trade fair CWEE2014.

    One highlight of the WWEA Quarterly Bulletin 1-2014 is the detailed report about recent developments in China giving a comprehensive overview of the Chinese wind industry, including its latest market shares and export statistics. Very informative are also the Zero Carbon Israel study as well as the study on onshore wind potential in Germany which concludes that the country could install 1200 Gigawatt of wind turbines, compared with 35 GW today.

    WWEA Quartely Bulletin – Issue 1-2014 content:

    News Analysis

    • Three years after Fukushima: 100% renewable energy is only a matter of political will
    • Japanese regions transition to 100% renewable energy Fukushima Community Power Declaration
    • Renewable energy – hope for Fukushima communities


    • Zero Carbon Israel – Research Conclusions and Analysis


    • 2014 Small Wind World Report
    • Statistics of Wind Power Development in China 2013
    • Italian Small Wind Report 06/2013

    Regional Focus

    • Study on Onshore Wind Energy Potential in Germany
    • Maximizing mineral resource outputs using North Africa’s Trade Winds: The Sahara Wind Project

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    Source: WWEA, 02.04.2014