IHDP: Call for short statements – your opinion wanted on "Beyond GDP"

What do you think? Is GDP is a sufficient indicator for well-being or is the world in need of a new way to measure just how well our governments and economies are doing at improving the lives of all their citizens?

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Exasperated about growing inequality and enflamed by reports of the growing share of income and wealth held by the top 1% of the population (the top 1% earns over 23% of income in the United States; worldwide, the top 1% owns over 40% of assets), the Occupy Wall Street movement brought people in cities around the world to the streets in support of large scale social and economic reforms. As the demand for socioeconomic justice is growing, so is dissatisfaction with the current economic system, including its hallmark indicator – the gross domestic product (GDP).

Many are now asking: what do we as individuals and societies want out of our economies? Is the purpose of a national economy simply the aggregation of monetary wealth? What about our well-being and prosperity, our health and ideals? Should issues such as poverty, resource depletion, the state of natural resources or ecological conditions not be considered when measuring the true advancement of a nation?

In recent years, a debate has started around the development of a new type of comprehensive indicator to address these global challenges of the 21st century. What is needed, argue proponents, are indicators that are as clear and understandable as GDP while incorporating the currently unmeasured environmental, social and human costs and benefits of economic activity.

Share your opinion in the “Beyond GDP” debate by sending us a short statement of two sentences max. to: scherkenbach@ihdp.unu.edu. Please enter “Dimensions – Beyond GDP” in the subject line and include your name, country of residence and a recent photograph* of yourself. Submissions will be collected and published in the upcoming issue of the Dimensions magazine in the spring of 2014.

Deadline for submissions: 15 March 2014

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