Deutsche Welle: Exploring the 'Secrets of Transformation': Winners and Losers of Global Development

DW has set out to explore a diverse group of developing and transition countries around the world. Every two weeksm DW will bring you a new episode, with insights into countries that are doing well and those falling behind.

In “Secrets of Transformation” DW journalists travel around the world, stopping off in eight different countries – Indonesia, Hungary, Liberia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Pakistan, Tunisia and Madagascar – to meet the people behind change. They show how the separation of power works, the damage caused by corruption and why experts are calling for a new means of measuring economic performance.

Simply securing a journalist visa for Indonesia was no easy feat, and reporter Frido Essen didn’t actually get one until he was at the airport ready to depart. When he arrived in Jakarta, the authorities wanted to know all about him, and it was only after being grilled that he was able to meet his colleague, Yerry Borang, and get to work.

Looking behind the numbers

Data from the Bertelsmann Stiftung served as a compass during the research. The DW editorial team worked with the foundation to highlight the long-term winners and losers in the Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI). The international teams of reporters bring you stories that put a face on the statistics, looking at how people have experienced change and what exactly leads to success and what leads to failure.

In these stories, DW meets people like the Hungarian journalist Támas Bodoky, whose office was searched by the police just before we started filming, and Luis Arce Catacora, Bolivia’s minister of economy and finance, who explains his country’s partially socialist model. We also hear from Galina Tallach, a Ukrainian who tells us how she had to spend all her savings on a cancer operation. Had she not paid the authorities, she would not have received treatment. Her husband, also a cancer sufferer, could not be saved.

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