UN-IHDP: Winners of IHDP's Dimensions writing contest on “Beyond GDP” have been selected

Between the months of September and December, it was time again for IHDP to open another round of its Dimensions Writing Contest, inviting young scholars to submit articles on the topic of “Beyond GDP”. Out of many excellent submissions, the jury was able to select four winners to be featured in the upcoming Dimensions issue and be awarded cash prizes: We look forward to sharing with you Fouad Khan’s eloquently written account of “Beyond GDP“ (1st place); Addisu Lashitew’s “Redeeming the God Number” (2nd place); Roebin Lijnis Huffenreuter’s story on “Plato and Pac-Man Predict Problems” and Sukanya Misra’s “’G.D.P.*’ is everything! (*Gap. Density. People)” (both sharing 3rd place). The winning articles will be featured in the upcoming issue of Dimensions alongside a variety of other writings and interviews on the issue of “Beyond GDP”. To take a look at previous issues of the magazine, please go here.

Quelle: http://www.ihdp.unu.edu/