Welthungerhilfe: World Needs a Roadmap for a Sustainable Development Agenda

In the run up to the next UN-General Assembly on the 25th of September in New York, Welthungerhilfe strongly asks all participants to agree on a roadmap that will lead to convergence of the development and sustainability aspects into one universal transformational agenda. During a one day event the member states will take a closer look at the present Millennium Development Goals which reach their target date in 2015. They will take stock of progress and gaps in achieving the MDGs and will also provide guidance on the post-2015 process.

Dr. Wolfgang Jamann, Secretary General of Welthungerhilfe, highlights:
“We can no longer afford to discuss important questions like hunger and poverty versus environment and climate change in two different strands. We now have the chance to find solutions as to how we organize our common future on this planet and how we will overcome escalating inequalities in wealth, health and nutrition status as well as access to education – in short – chances in life. We now have the chance to prepare the road for responsible decisions with regard to resource-poor economies, planet-friendly production and consumption patterns. First and foremost we have the chance to put the right to food, including food and nutrition security, centre stage. We need better institutional and policy environment and more investment in agriculture. We must provide a roadmap for the people and the planet”.

“We cannot afford another talking shop in New York”, says Jamann and urges the governments to take concrete steps on September 25th to finally make poverty and hunger history by 2030! “Developing, emerging and industrial countries alike should all sign up to the same principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability but will have different burdens to carry in order to find just solutions for the urgent problems we face”, says Jamann.

Welthungerhilfe is one of Germany’s largest private aid agencies. It offers integrated aid from rapid disaster aid and reconstruction to long-term development co-operation projects with local partner organisations according to the principle of help towards self-help. Since we were founded in 1962, we have provided 2.52 billion euros worth of funding for more than 7,100 projects in 70 countries for a world without hunger and poverty.

Further information at http://www.welthungerhilfe.de/home-en.html

Quelle/ Source: Pressemitteilung der Welthungerhilfe vom 19.09.2013