Virtual Academy of Sustainability: “Sustainability Marketing”- online course

Based on the textbook with the same title, the video version of the course “Sustainability Marketing” ( is now available online. In this lecture series, Professor Frank-Martin Belz (Technische Universität München/TUM School of Management) and Professor Ken Peattie (Cardiff University) give a comprehensive introduction along with a systematic overview on Sustainability Marketing by offering didactical instructive videos. Through this method of video-based courses, which consist of lectures, case-studies and interviews, students can attain a total of 3 Credit Points for their studies.

The course was produced in cooperation with the Virtual Academy of Sustainability, a University of Bremen project – aided by the German Environment Foundation (DBU). The Virtual Academy of Sustainability works closely with numerous respected scientists as well as scientific institutions in general. The goal of the Academy is to avail online courses at no cost. This is done in order to enhance and propel the education for “Sustainable Development” to students and higher education institutes. The courses can be flexibly used by every student in any degree program. They are designed in a way that they are useful particularly in the form of optional courses, “General Studies”, “open studies” or specialization modules or certificates. The proof of validity for one’s studies can be obtained in any Higher Education Institute.  In order to attain the 3 credit points, students must successfully complete an electronic exam. Several German Higher Education Institutes have already started integrating the online courses offered by the Virtual Academy of Sustainability in their teaching methods.

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