EADI: "The Post-2015 Development Agenda: A Review of the Debate and Potential Elements of a Joint EU Strategy"

This EADI Policy Paper by Andy Sumner and Thomas Lawo seeks to capture the major elements of global development efforts through the MDGs and in preparing for a global development agenda beyond the year 2015 to contribute to the post-2015 discussion. The paper does the following:
  • Looks backwards at trends in poverty reduction during the MDG period (1990–present) and the impacts of the MDGs;
  • Looks forward and makes projections for levels and patterns of poverty over the next 10-20 years and discusses emergent issues including the ‘new geography of poverty’;
  • Reviews official documents and research papers and outlines three narratives and options for a post-2015 framework;
  • Makes proposals for key elements of an EU strategy.
In doing so the papers asks: what is the global poverty ‘problem’ any future global agreement it is to address and how has it changed since the first generation of MDGs? And what does the changing nature of the poverty ‘problem’ imply for any future global agreement?
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