31.10.2012 | Germanwatch and AREGUIB e.V.: Event "Africa in the fight against climate change: An interactive exchange among experts from Africa and the African Diaspora"

Germanwatch and AREGUIB e.V. invite you to the event:

Africa in the fight against climate change:

An interactive exchange among experts from Africa and the African Diaspora


Climate change is one of the issues that threat the sustainable development prospects of Africa and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.  Although Africa is the continent least responsible for climate change, it is particularly vulnerable to its effects and undoing its progress achieved in the eradication of the poverty. To fight climate change requires the unprecedented participation and engagement of all stakeholders within and outside of the countries such as members of the African Diaspora.

Migrants such as African Diaspora are not only ambassadors of their homeland in the host land, but also of the host land in their respective countries of origin. In undertaking this dual role, African Diaspora is some times best placed to be well informed about global issues that impact their countries of origin.  To fight climate change that is occurring in their country and so affecting their communities, migrants could on the one hand, act as a bridge between “North and South”, by raising awareness in the host country about and by drawing the attention of the host countries population so as to increase their acceptance for the assistance provided by their countries to the vulnerable countries. On the other hand, they can not only participate in the adaptation action within their homeland, but also be seen as a catalyst that sensitizes the population about climate change and encourage their policy maker to integrate climate change into the development strategy.

On the occasion of the International Dialogue on Transformation and the meeting of the Least Developed Expert, Germanwatch would like to bring together African NGO representatives, civil society experts from Africa present for the above mentioned event in Bonn, and African Diaspora in Germany. The meeting should provide an opportunity for exchanging views and experience as well as exploring opportunities for cooperation, including how African Diaspora can be engaged in fighting climate change.



18.00              Arrival at  Evangelischer Verwaltungsverband in Bonn (Bonn), Adenauerallee 37 – 53113 Bonn

18.30             Welcome and brief introduction – Sven Harmeling/Alpha Kaloga, Germanwatc

18.45           Climate Change as a threat to development for Africa – Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (tbc)

19.15           Engaging African Diaspora in Europe in the development and climate nexus – Rahime Diallo, African Diaspora Policy Network (The Hague, Netherlands) (tbc)

19.30 Discussion:  Facilitation Sven Harmeling

Interactive, regional roundtable discussions on climate change impacts and adaptation in Western, Southern and Eastern Africa.

Key questions:

  1. Which roles Diaspora could play in the development and Climate change debate ?
  1. What are the challenges Diaspora are faced to better get involved in the development of theircountries

20.15 Wrap-up and Get together


Date/Time: 31 October 2012, 18.00 to 21.00 hours
Place: Evangelischer Verwaltungsverband in Bonn Adenauerallee 37 – 53113 Bonn

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