27.06.2012 | GIZ: Veranstaltung „World Population Policies – Concepts, Lessons Learned, Perspectives“

In the 21st century, the world will be confronted with the huge implications of the ongoing demographic transition and its aftermath. The projected scenarios present new challenges to our partner countries and to international cooperation in almost all regions and sectors: distribution of resources (water, land, food, energy, etc.), development of the labor market-, education-, health- and social security systems, urbanisation, migration, the increasing impacts on climate and the environment, as well as governance and conflict prevention.

The different regional challenges call for comprehensive policy advice in order to shape future population dynamics and to enable governments to benefit from demographic opportunities. While specifically sub-Saharan Africa faces the dramatic consequences of rapid population growth and climate change, many industrialized countries are confronted with population decline and questions of ageing.

How are we to manage the emerging demographic challenges? What are the policy responses to the changing population patterns? The GIZ would like to invite you to discuss these questions together with John May, former World Bank Lead Population Specialist. As an expert on population analysis, demography and population policies, he has worked for UNFPA, UNICEF and USAID on many projects around the world. Author of numerous peer-reviewed publications, he will be presenting findings from his latest book “World Population Policies – Their Origin, Evolution and Impact”. BMZ and GIZ representatives will be offering their perspectives in the discussion.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 27th June 2012, 11 am  – 01 pm h

Place: GIZ Bonn, Godesberger Allee 119, Raum 11057