16.05.2012 | UNU Bonn: Workshop "Harnessing the Potential of African Diaspora in Research and Development Cooperation"

    On 16 May 2012, UNU Bonn hosts a workshop on “Harnessing the Potential of African Diaspora in Research and Development Cooperation”. This workshop aims to bring together relevant stakeholders involved in the North-South knowledge and technology transfer and is a pre-event to the 8th Scientific and Technologic Forum of the Cameroonian Diaspora (FoSTDIC), taking place from 18 until 19 May 2012 in Dortmund, Germany.

    The workshop brings together German and international actors as well as migrant associations and experts to discuss potential areas of cooperation within scientific and development fields.

    Through hosting this event, UNU seeks to assist in identifying synergies and possible areas for future cooperation between the participants.

    Results of the workshop will be presented to the larger audience of FoSTDIC 2012.


    • Presentation of initiatives and best practices of migrant associations related to education, science, knowledge and technology transfer;
    • Presentation of programmes and activities of national and local government actors, including the state of North Rhine Westphalia, working in the field of migration and development;
    • Discussion on the potential of various African Diaspora communities in research and development cooperation, particularly in the context of UNU activities;
    • Ability to network with state and government actors in Germany in the field of migration and development;
    • Identification of synergies and possibilities for cooperation between the participants.

    The development of information and communication technology in the last half of the 20th century and the constant progress of globalization provide new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between northern and southern countries. The adequate and effective use of ICT – particularly in the context of knowledge and technology transfer – is inextricably linked with economic development, social progress and prosperity. The role and the potential of Diaspora in the classical approach to North – South cooperation is often forgotten and neglected.

    It is only recently with studies showing the financial flux of migrants and the impact that remittances are playing in the development of their respective home countries, that is placing these actors at the center of discussion. Although there are concrete examples showing that the role and potential of Diaspora communities goes well beyond simple money transfers, the awareness of this untapped potential and the consideration of these actors in the North-South cooperation efforts are still lacking.

    Date and Time: 16 May 2012, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

    Venue: UNU Bonn, UN Campus, Hermann-Ehlers-Str. 10, 53113 Bonn, Germany