29. – 30.05.2012 | ISEAL Alliance: ISEAL Conference 2012

    As the global association for social and environmental standards, the ISEAL Alliance is proud to present its third annual conference, to be held in Bonn, Germany. The annual ISEAL conference has become an important gathering place for businesses, NGOs, governments and sustainability standards systems. Besides addressing current challenges in bringing sustainability standards to scale, the conference brings together staff from all of ISEAL’s member organisations, government officials, corporate executives and NGOs under one roof; providing an excellent opportunity to network.

    In recent years many multinational companies have made bold commitments to sustainability, with sustainability standards seen as a crucial tool for achieving those. Governments are also increasingly specifying sustainable products in their public procurement and other policies. These commitments offer an unprecedented opportunity to create positive global social and environmental impacts, but require a new level of innovation and collaboration to succeed.

    In the face of this ever growing demand for sustainable products is the challenge of a lagging supply response. Changing production patterns requires significant investment in relationships, capacity building, information networks and technology. More importantly it also requires governments, businesses, standards systems and NGOs to find new and creative ways to work together.

    The ISEAL 2012 conference will explore how businesses, governments and standards systems can create partnerships to reach sustainability goals. The conference will showcase new advances and explore how they can be strengthened and scaled-up to ensure that any commitment to sustainability is met by an adequate and equal supply response.

    The conference is open to the public on the 29-30 May.

    When: 29 – 30 May 2012

    Where: Beethovenhalle, Bonn, Germany