SolarWorld AG: Solar Power Initiative Supports Development Aid

    By purchasing a solar power system, SolarWorld AG customers will again support development aid projects in Africa and Latin America next year: The solar technology group is continuing its Solar2World initiative (“Solar energy for the world”) and is planning additional projects together with partners for the year 2012. Since the start of the initiative four years ago, the program has implemented a total of 60 solar power aid projects, half of them in 2011.

    “Solar2World shows how, with the help of solar energy, a secure power supply can be created all over the world,” said Dr.-Ing. E.h. Frank Asbeck, chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG. “For millions of people who have had to live without a power grid and electricity, photovoltaic technology is the only option to get access to communication, education and health care.”

    An example of a Solar2World project is under way in Senegal: In Fissel, to the east of the capital city of Dakar, a solar power system will operate a water pump. The project will improve the living and health conditions of the 6,000 residents there whose main livelihood is growing vegetables. Conventional irrigation of the fields consumes a great deal of water and leads to soil salination. Solar modules provided by SolarWorld AG will operate solar pumps for wells for not only drinking water but also for droplet irrigation of the fields. The clean well water also is expected to help substantially reduce gastro-intestinal diseases.

    Another Solar2World project will be implemented in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi in 2012 to provide solar energy to a vocational college. The system will be designed to operate the college’s lighting and its computers. Here, too, there will be a solar-operated water pump, including a storage tank.

    With its continuous aid program, SolarWorld AG implements development projects in areas of education, communication, health, water treatment, environmental protection and company start-ups. The program sites range from orphanages to hospitals to schools. An important feature is on-the-job training for solar technicians who will maintain the community solar systems.

    The Solar2World also is featured in the company’s current TV advertising campaign in Germany starring U.S. actor Larry Hagman. After the disastrous earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, Hagman led the sponsorship of a Solar2World project. Solar power systems with a total capacity of 100 kWp were donated several hospitals in 2011. What is more, solar power modules were made available for several water pumping projects. For a documentary video or further details on these projects, go to

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