Deutsche Post DHL: Federal ministries and agencies now using GoGreen

    On September 1, the German federal government made the switch to climate friendly shipping for its parcels. In the future, all federal ministries and most of the federal agencies – altogether more than 500 organizations – will only use the GOGREEN service from Deutsche Post DHL to ship their parcels. Some 600,000 GOGREEN parcels per year are expected for national and international dispatch.

    “The federal government has taken on a role model by using our climate friendly shipping service GOGREEN,” said Rainer Wend, Head of the Corporate Public Policy and Responsibility department at Deutsche Post DHL. “This will save 300 tons of CO2 each year and helps to release the environment.”

    “We are content that we can make an active contribution to climate protection by using the GOGREEN service of Deutsche Post DHL,” said Rainer Bomba, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

    CO2 emissions are fully recorded and compensated
    Deutsche Post DHL has been offering the “green” parcel for five years now and volumes are steadily increasing. In 2010, some 1.7 billion GOGREEN items had already been dispatched around the world. The GOGREEN service bundles together those products and services by means of which CO2 emissions generated during shipping are fully recorded and compensated. Compensation is achieved through the purchase of emissions certificates from external climate protection projects and offers business and private customers the opportunity to help protect the environment. In 2010, more than 82,000 tons of CO2 were compensated.

    Andrej Busch, CEO of DHL Parcel Germany added, “The fact that an increasing number of customers are switching to GOGREEN to send their items underscores the growing level of environmental awareness in the general population and at companies. And now the federal government is a major customer of ours-that is proof that more and more companies and public institutions are mindful of climate protection in their daily business.”

    The Director of the Federal Procurement Office of the Ministry of the Interior, Klaus-Peter Tiedtke, underlined the special responsibility of the federal government for sustainability: “Within the federal program on sustainability the topic of an environmentally friendly procurement was given high political priority.

    The Federal Procurement Office, which signed the contract by order of the Federal Administrative Office, takes on its responsibility according to the federal sustainability program. With this contract the federal government takes a step closer to its main target to reduce the overall CO2 emissions.” The Federal Procurement Office buys goods and services for 26 federal agencies, foundations and international organizations which are financed by the Federal Government. In 2010 the Federal Procurement Office allocated 1.111 orders with a total volume of EUR 1.046,3 million.

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