15.09.2011 | Germanwatch and UNU-EHS: Panel Diskussion "The Adaptation Fund – a model for the future?"

The Adaptation Fund established under the Kyoto Protocol and hosted by the Government of Germany, has reached the stage of concrete implementation. By August 2011, 10 concrete adaptation to climate change projects have been approved in countries such as Senegal, Honduras, Pakistan, Mongolia or Eritrea. At the same time, one of the key innovative features of the Adaptation Fund, direct access, progresses slowlier than expected. The financial prospects of the Fund remain unclear, since the Kyoto Protocol faces an unclear future. A key determinant for the success of the Fund will be whether it succeeds in pursueing its strategic objective that “special attention shall be given to the most vulnerable communities.”

This event will be organised by Germanwatch as the host organisation of the Adaptation Fund NGO Network, and the United Nations University Bonn in the context of the 15th meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board which will take place from 14th to 16th September in Bonn at the UN Campus. It will provide an opportunity to discuss with experts from research and civil society as well as with members of the Adaptation Fund Board key aspects and challenges for the Adaptation Fund.

Key questions for the discussion:

  • What is the experience with climate change adaptation in developing countries to date, and what is the contribution of the Adaptation Fund to address the challenges?
  • How can the needs of the particularly vulnerable parts of the society in developing countries be addressed in adaptation measures and through the Adaptation Fund in particular?
  • How can developing countries cope with the institutional challenges that new approaches like direct access entail?
  • What is the strategic direction the AF Board should steer the Adaptation Fund towards?

Provisional Agenda

7.00 pm Welcome by Sven Harmeling, Germanwatch/Adaptation Fund NGO Network

7.10 pm The Adaptation Fund: state of implementation and challenges for the future

Ana Fornells de Frutos, Chair of the Adaptation Fund Board

7.30  pm Views, responses and panel discussion

  • Ana Fornells de Frutos
  • PD Dr. Joern Birkmann, United Nations University
  • Alexander Froede, GIZ
  • Krystel Dossou, OFEDI, Benin (tbc)
  • Merlyn van Voore, UNDP

Facilitation: Sven Harmeling, Germanwatch

Concluding remarks by the facilitator Sven Harmeling

Afterwards: Get together with drinks

Venue: Universitäts-Club Bonn, Konviktstrasse 9, 53113 Bonn

Registration to the following email address in advance of the meeting is welcome for planning reasons: E-mail

More information on the AF NGO Network can be found at: www.af-network.org