ICLEI: Summary Paper "3rd and Final European Local Government Positioning on Climate and Energy"


Cities, towns and their associations and networks from 30 countries have combined their experience to produce a summary paper of key issues regarding climate and energy: the 3rd and Final European Local Government Positioning Paper.

The paper is a result of the concluding LG Action project, which explores the challenges and needs facing local governments in the current climate and energy situation. It provides the third summarised overview of trends relevant to local governments (LGs) in Europe, based on input provided by representatives of European LGs and their networks and associations in the EU-27 Member States, Croatia, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

The input was collected between June 2009 and May 2011, with more than 1,000 positioning items from LGs and multiplicators feeding into the process – an activity that was supported by numerous European and national local government networks and associations. LG Action comes under the title – Networking action to involve Local Governments in the EU and international energy and climate debate. This project is closely linked to the Covenant of Mayors, with some key challenges that have an impact on this initiative also identified: from planning action to monitoring greenhouse gas reductions and reporting on developments. The main conclusions are that sustainable energy and climate protection at the local level are complex fields, requiring commitment, the involvement of multiple stakeholders, financing, supportive policy, and a stable framework in which work can continue. The need for national-local partnerships is clear – yet how these are shaped is an open question to be explored in the near future.

The summary paper reflects important issues on these aspects that have been raised by LG representatives – contributing to the ongoing international and European climate negotiations for the post-2012 era. It will also feed into the Local Government Climate Roadmap and the post-2012 international climate negotiations.

Summary Paper