24. – 25.05.2011 | The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship Conference

    This “un”-conference will be a highly interactive, experiential and experimental two days. Best practice, key levers for change and facilitated action will be explored and conducted through the unique architecture and design of the event.

    The conference puts innovation at the centre of its dialogue because the organisers feel strongly that to achieve sustainable lifestyles everyone needs to radically rethink current systems that are driving unsustainable trends of global ecological overshoot and vast inequities in human well-being. Technological innovation as well as societal innovation are here key: While technological innovations and efficiencies in industrial production must play a significant role, vast changes will also be required to individual consumption and lifestyles to make them more sustainable. The concept of sustainable lifestyles refers to patterns of behaviour shaped by personal needs, desires, motivations and social interactions, conditioned by environmental and socio-economic contexts that aim at improving well-being and health of present and future generations.

    Venue: Feierabendhaus, Hürth

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