UNCCD News issue 2.5 is online

    UNCCD News is a bi-monthly update on the work of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

    From the Executive Secretary

    In the build-up to crucial talks on biodiversity conservation and climate change, you may have missed “Keeping the Promise”, the outcome of the Millennium Development Goals mid-term review in September. Go back, read it and take heart: the resolution highlights the fight against desertification.

    Africa’s ambitious “Green Wall”

    Five years since first mooted by the African Union, this coast-to-coast land conservation initiative still lacks the funds to match its huge ambitions. But regional progress and national pilot projects in sub-Saharan states have started to coax seed money from hesitant donors.

    “Land is under great threat”

    Pioneering social entrepreneur Ashok Khosla shares insights into inadequate economic indicators, mediocrity in global governance and the short-termism of businessmen.

    Plodding towards prosperity?

    Inhabiting remote and arid regions, the itinerant camel and its human keeper will never be a threat to cows and high-tech dairy farming. Yet low-tech improvements to the value chain are facilitating access to camel’s milk – and could tap into a multi-billion dollar market.

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