EADI: Book “European Development Cooperation – In Between the Local and the Global”


Official Development Assistance, or foreign aid, disbursed by the EU member states reached record levels in 2008, when several member states raised their assistance considerably, while some of the new member states became donors again. This definitive study analyses a wide range of aspects of European development cooperation, covering, among others, some hotly debated issues such as the Economic Partnership agreements, development policy coherence and the participation of civil society organisations in negotiations with the European Union. The contributors offer valuable new insights into the established aid instruments such as food aid, support for energy projects in Africa and security-related development assistance in the programmes of some smaller European donors, as well as an overview of these new donor programmes. They also discuss the role of local and regional authorities in development cooperation in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

Paul Hoebink holds an Extraordinary Professorship in Development Cooperation at the Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen (CIDIN) at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

“The Lisbon Treaty puts European international and development cooperation at a cross-road. Will the Union be able to keep up its strong joint record? Hoebink et al provide a well-chosen, inviting mix of insights in some of the multiple challenges emerging.” Paul Engel, Director, European Centre for Development Policy Management – ECDPM

“Paul Hoebink and his co-authors make two important contributions in this volume. First, they bring clear-headed analysis to bear on the important question of Europe’s contribution to global poverty reduction. And, second, they help build a community of scholars and practitioners whose collective effort will translate analysis into action. “ Simon Maxwell, Senior Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute, London