Bonner Impulse: “The EU and Climate Change policy, on the sidelines or back in the game?”

    A roundtable took place on 25 May 2010 in Bonn in the context of the climate conference in Copenhagen and Bonn and as a follow up on the 23 March 2010 Briefing to Parliamentarians on Post Copenhagen: Practical consequences for Europe.  Hubertus Bardt of the Institute of German Economy in Cologne, Imme Scholz of the German Development Institute (DIE) and of the EDC 2020 Climate Change Work Package and Christoph Bals of German Watch were invited as experts.

    Speakers addressed questions on climate change in the run-up to the Bonn Climate Change Talks of June 2010 . How can EU leadership and climate policies in the EU further and drive international negotiations and mobilize the international community? What are the lessons of Copenhagen and which strategy is being put in place as the EU moves into UN climate negotiations in Bonn and Cancun? What is the legal impact of the Lisbon Treaty on European climate policy?  Read more

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