17.09.2010 | Alanus Hochschule: Symposium “Re-orientating Modern Education: Uniting Learning with Social and Ecological Engagement”

Within the context of globalization collective responsibility has arisen for humanity to sustain both natural and social ecologies. How can education contribute to this task? Surely, the ideal of modern education one-sidedly emphasizes the transmission of factual and exploitable knowledge while disregarding its immediate task of nourishing the students’ truly human potential. Given this predicament, how can we reform education and place it more comprehensively at the service of humankind? How can we learn from activists who not only combine educational and scientific expertise with social and ecological engagement but also urge the two sides to inform and transform each other? What visions do these activists have with regard to educating the next generation? And how can we turn these visions into reality? These questions will be critically and constructively dealt with during this conference at Alanus University. More Information

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