05.06.2010 | Germanwatch: International Conference and Filmfestival “Towards a new justice tryptich: Development, Climate, Opportunity”


The Copenhagen summit revealed that no climate stabilization can be achieved without answering the underlying justice and equity dimension. However, the different understandings  of justice and burden/effort sharing between countries as well as within civil society largely spurred the post-Copenhagen shame game. While there is a common but differentiated responsibility for the cause of the problem – and its future aggravation – urgency and cooperative spirit might be more constructive drivers than finger-pointing.

Changing the development pathway that brought us to the climate crisis is a bold undertaking that includes a revolution in infrastructure, energy supplies, energy efficiency  and consumer lifestyles around the globe. Yet, those that are marginalized in today’s world economy are likely to be excluded from this future surge in economic opportunities as well. The central notion of climate justice is therefore to design a pathway to a renewable energy future in a way, in which also the most vulnerable will be able to follow.

This conference, to be seen as a follow-up of last year’s “Development and Climate Day” (www.germanwatch.org/klima/dcd09e.htm), seeks to discuss the multiple dimension of climate justice and equity, particularly with a view to exploring the potential of the fair “opportunity sharing” dimension in the race to the low-carbon future, a dimension which has been neglected so far. Negotiators, NGOs, scientists and other experts from developed and developing countries will be brought together to advance the debate on climate equity. In order to explore the opportunities and risks of new cooperation to achieve such fair opportunity sharing, we want to use the example of the Desertec initiative.

Thus, the conference aims to openly discuss aspects of the justice triptych – Development, Climate, Opportunity – from different perspectives, but with a view to looking for common ground, which has the potential to create new dynamics and partnerships instead of a mere North-South divide.

A parallel filmfestival will present short films (up to 10 min) linked to climate justice and other media programmes. Applications for films can be send in by 20 May 2010.

Venue: Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn (http://www.stifterverband.info/ueber_den_stifterverband/standorte_adressen/anfahrt_bonn/index.html)

5th June 2010, 9 to 18

Participation and registration
Participation is free of charge, but registration is welcomed for planning reasons.

More information is available at:


Contact: klima@germanwatch.org

Organised by Germanwatch in cooperation with International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Bread for the World, German Church Development Service (EED), Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, and other partners.

The conference is part of Germanwatch projects funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Commission.