In 2002, BIMUN/SINUB e. V. was founded by students of Bonn University with the goal to hold an annual Model United Nations conference. Ever since, teams of volunteering students have supported and extended the association’s activities. The self-conception is based on the idea of raising awareness about issues of international significance and promoting the ideals of the United Nations, especially among younger people. The main focus  is to foster cultural exchange as well as political education and international understanding. BIMUN/SINUB e.V. is a non-profit organization.

Since 2002, the work of BIMUN/SINUB e.V.  encompasses, in addition to the organization of a annual conference, a weekly lecture series at Bonn University in cooperation with several partners. Under the overall title “The International Bonn”, this lecture series takes place every semester.

BIMUN/SINUB e.V. is a part of JUNON (Junges UNO-Netzwerk Deutschland), which has lately become an official partner organization of the DGVN (Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen). BIMUN/SINUB e.V. also belongs to the six founding members of the European Model United Nations Network (EMUNNET) which has been established in 2008. EMUNNET constitutes a network of European MUN organizations, sharing the goal of promoting cooperation and communication between all members, in order to improve the work of each organization.

Link to “Auf der Agenda” for 2010: here

Bonn International Model United Nations /
Simulation Internationale des Nations Unies de Bonn
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