DEG und BMU: Co-operation for international climate protection

    The Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, have entered a first-time cooperation with the aim of jointly boosting private-sector investments into renewable energy, energy efficiency and adjustment to climate change in developing and emerging market countries. For this purpose, the BMU provides around two million euros from the International Climate Initiative to realise innovative projects with private partners.

    The BMU wishes to support the spread of climate-friendly technologies by promoting entrepreneurial concepts. Without the commitment of the private sector it will not be possible to achieve the climate aims. This is why the BMU strives to mobilise additional players – especially from the private sector – for climate protection with the help of funds from the Climate Initiative.

    DEG contributes its long years of experience in the financing of private investments in developing and emerging-market countries and provides advice for the implementation of the planned projects. Climate protection is a major focus of the DEG business. In 2009 alone, it provided about 160 million euros for investments into this field. By cooperating with the BMU DEG wishes to increase its commitment for climate protection and especially support small and medium-sized enterprises going global.

    The programme combines the promotion of the private sector in developing and emerging countries with the aim of protecting the climate. It helps utilising the potentials in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency in these countries in a more efficient manner. The programme promotes technology transfer by means of demonstration projects, which are particularly suited to set up a CO2-saving, decentralised energy supply. It supports the launch and spread of innovative technologies in the fields of power generation, trade, industry and transport.

    With the International Climate Initiative launched in 2008, the BMU promotes climate-related projects in developing, emerging and transition countries. The initiative is financed from public sales of emission certificates.

    Press release