Sustainability as process of learning – EVVC and Green Globe develop new certification for event centres

The EVVC’s aim is to give its member stores very specific recommendations for action on corporate social responsibility / sustainability. Already now concrete results are shown.

With a new partner, the Green Globe Certification (, which already has considerable experience in the certification of hotels and tourist facilities, the EVVC has already developed and agreed upon a binding agreement for a joint new certification “Green Globe / EVVC”.

The system itself stands out for its simple, solely Internet-based management and transparency. It is, with currently 125 criteria, of which at least 51% must be achieved, tailored to our needs. The participating houses can, through the system, not only receive a certificate when they have been inspected by an external Green Globe auditor. Rather, the system also allows for an initiation of a sustainability process in our houses which, as the Green Globe criteria are not static, can then be constantly adapted and continuously monitored.

This opportunity to “develop by learning” is supplemented by the fact that numerous, perhaps initially critically viewed parts of the certification will turn into immediate suggestions of how to save money by optimizing in terms of sustainability. Examples here are the areas of energy and waste management.

At the same time, the expenses, depending on the size of the house and the amount of employees will be in the lower to mid four figure region and with that affordable for everyone. Not to mention the potentials due to the ever-growing demand for green meetings.

To adapt the system to the specifics of the event industry, Green Globe and a select number of EVVC members who are accompanying the project as so-called pilots, will jointly develop further certification criteria. Only then will there be a concrete framework of recommendations for action all of us and a tool from which any house can benefit, regardless of its size, structure or type of business revenue.

Further information on the Green Globe Certification can be obtained at

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