VENRO: International Conference: Partnership for the Poor? The Joint Africa-EU Strategy: Risks and Opportunities

    In December 2007, European and African heads of state and government adopted the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, which was to mark the beginning of a new political partnership at eye-level. The Final Declaration says that “We will develop this partnership of equals, based on the effective engagement of our societies, in order to achieve significant results in our fundamental commitments, namely: the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.”
    Since 2007, however, things have gone rather quiet on the Strategy, and it has received only little
    public attention. The international conference “Partnership for the Poor” is aimed at taking stock two years after its adoption. In what way has it been of any use to the poor so far? What risks and
    opportunities does the Joint EU-Africa Strategy bear when it comes to combating poverty? Are changes of direction necessary in politics? What is the role of civil society in Africa and Europe?
    The focus will be on the topics of Governance and Gender, Sustainable Energy for Africa’s Development, and Regional Integration and Trade.
    African and European representatives from the fields of politics, business and civil society have been invited.
    The Conference is being organised in co-operation with the European umbrella organisation
    CONCORD and Deutsche Welle.


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