21.06.2010 – 23.06.2010 | Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010 – The heat is on – Climate Change and the Media

Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010
The heat is on – Climate Change and the Media

The vast majority of the scientific world agrees that the environment would collapse with an increase in global temperature beyond 2° Celsius. Combating global warming and its potential dangers requires various forms of action.

  • Adaptation – minimizing the effects of unusual and extreme weather events such as heat waves, wind storms, floods and droughts.
  • Mitigation – reducing the causes of climate change and global warming (designing energy policy, advancing renewable energies, eliminating the use of fossil fuels).
  • Vision – transforming into a post-fossil fuel, sustainable, lowcarbon society.

All of this requires a fundamental change in attitude, behaviour and lifestyle at an individual level as well as in the economic and political realms at large. Here is where media can and must play a crucial role. These matters of consciousness and awareness are profoundly shaped by the media.

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010 will address and assess the pivotal issues that have consigned the world to such a precarious state and seek a viable way out by looking at the role of the media on an international, national and local level. The 2010 conference will bring together media users and producers, scientists, peace keeping and conf lict prevention specialists, energy industry experts, policy makers as well as representatives from international, grassroots and non-governmental organizations to discuss how to harmonize individual and collective action in order to steer the world away from a foreboding future and instead toward genuine sustainability. The role the media play in this process will consistently be in focus during the three-day conference.

Date: 21.06.2010 – 23.06.2010
Place: Deutsche Welle, Bonn

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