23 – 24. 11. 2009 | SEF: Bonner Symposium 2009: Sustainable Development in Times of Crises

    The Development and Peace Foundation organises a symposium on “Sustainable Development in Times of Crises”  in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) and under the patronage of Mr. Armin Laschet, Minister for Intergenerational Affairs, Family, Women and Integration of North-Rhine Westphalia, and Mr. Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

    The Bonn Symposium (BS) aims to focus upon international and transnational structures and collective and individual strategies which safeguard sustainable development in times of crises. On both days, plenary debates provide thematic overviews which are then to be elaborated upon in subsequent parallel workshops along practical examples. Workshop results are drawn together in a closing plenary.

    The first day themed ‘Sustainability under Stress – Structural Changes for Long-term Crises Prevention’ aims to highlight the necessary structural implications of current crises. The workshops should take up practical experiences and suggestions to implement ‘sustainability under stress’. Key questions may be:

    • Do current crises reveal common structural causes?
    • How can necessary short term reactions be reconciled with the long term requirements of sustainable development?
    • What potential do current crises offer for deep rooted changes in our economy and financial system towards sustainable development?
    • What structural amendments are necessary? How can these be implemented? What role does the United Nations play?

    The topic of the second day is ‘Changing Mindsets in Society – Drivers and Constraints of a Sustainable Lifestyle’. It aims to identify necessary changes in communities. Focus will be placed upon individual lifestyles as well as changes at a social level through institutions, civil society organisations or businesses. Workshops should address practical experiences in advancing a comprehensive and socially inclusive rethinking towards sustainable behaviour. Key issues may include:

    • How can the shift towards individual sustainable lifestyles be promoted?
    • How can politics and the economy encourage sustainable lifestyles? How can these ensure sustainable efforts on their part? What opportunities arise for private enterprises?
    • What role do indigenous solutions (local knowledge) on the one hand, and innovative technologies on the other, play in international development cooperation?