EADI – European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes

EADI’s Mission

  • EADI is the prime professional association for development studies. As such it promotes:
  • Quality in research and education in development studies,
  • The exchange of relevant information among members and with others,
  • The strengthening of relevant knowledge networks at the regional and global level,
  • Influencing both national and European decision-makers in the development cooperation field.

EADI’s Objectives

  • To generate and stimulate and exchange of information among European academics and researchers concerned with development issues and to develop contacts with researchers from other regions of the world.
  • To promote interdisciplinary studies on specific themes.


Get connected! EADI is a network of 150 renowned institutes and think-tanks in Europe working on multidisciplinary development issues. You will be welcome as an associate, individual, institutional, student, or premium member: Join us now.

Website: www.eadi.org