DIE | Social Cohesion Week, November 9 – 12, 2020

In recent years social cohesion has been receiving increasing attention not only in policy circles but also in academic discussions. The COVID- 19 pandemic has made the relevance of social cohesion tangible in new ways. Governments, civil society and international organizations underline the importance of social cohesion to tackle the crises. Public appeals to „stand together“ and “help each other” are constant. Still, many of questions remain open: What do we mean precisely when talking about social cohesion? How do we measure it? What drives social cohesion? What leverage does development cooperation have in this area?

The goal of this series of online events is to bring together different perspectives and insights on this expanding research and policy agenda. The “Social Cohesion Week” will start off on Monday with an online panel discussion about current developments in the field of social cohesion. We aim at identifying the questions that will dominate the research agenda in the next years

Addressing social cohesion from a variety of perspectives will be the objective of a number of smaller online working groups which will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The questions to be discussed include: What role does business development play for social cohesion? How can social security and tax systems influence social cohesion? How do the transformation of societal values and political institutions relate to social cohesion? How does social cohesion emerge in the aftermath of conflict?

Practitioners’ perspectives on social cohesion will be the focus of a panel on Wednesday afternoon. In this session new challenges and topics as well as particular salient knowledge gaps will be discussed, putting an emphasis on what kind of evidence current and future development cooperation practice requires.

The Social Cohesion Week will close on Thursday with the online launch of the “Social Cohesion Hub”, a web portal created by the German Development Institute – Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) that has the dedicated goal of bringing together researchers and practitioners working on social cohesion.

All sessions are related but independent of one another and you can choose freely which and how many to join. Panel discussion will last around 90 minutes and will take place in the early afternoon (CET) to make participations from different world regions possible at a reasonable time of the day.

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Source: Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), 04 November 2020