UNFCCC: International Youth Photography Competition on Climate Change

Young people can send in images for a photo competition designed to raise awareness about climate change and the winners can have their work exhibited at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech (7-18 November). The newly extended deadline is October 17.

As part of the competition “Addressing Climate Change: In Focus”, participants are asked to make pictures of how their communities have been affected by climate change and how they are adapting, and of ways to reduce greenhouse gases, for example through eco-housing, public transport, solar panels or wind turbines.

“The historic Paris Climate Change Agreement is about to enter into force, and as governments move to fine-tune and implement it, they need the full support of all sectors of society, not least of young people. Photography and art can play a key role in visually highlighting the impacts of climate change and the many possibilities of effective climate action, thereby inspiring governments, along with cities, investors, businesses and all of civil society to do their utmost to reduce emissions and build resilience,” said Nick Nuttall, spokesperson for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Managed by the Lucie Foundation and in cooperation with National Geographic, the competition is open internationally to all young people aged 7 to 18. In today’s world, where photography is an increasingly accessible medium, participants need only a mobile phone to capture powerful images of the effects of climate change.

“Young people are critical in this global effort to address climate change. Having photographed the UN Climate Change conferences for many years, I became inspired to create a global competition involving the younger generation, our future climate custodians, at a grassroots level,” said Henry Dallal, acclaimed photographer and founder of the Addressing Climate Change Legacy Project and author of Addressing Climate Change.

Submit your image either to the Lucie Foundation and/or to National Geographic “Our Shot”.

Source: Press release UNFCCC, 10.10.2016