EADI: Reports of the 14th EADI General Conference now online

EADI thanks all the participants of the 14th EADI General Conference who made the time and effort for the conference to be resounding a success! The intellectual discussions were very well captured by EADI’s media partners namely, The Broker, Development and Cooperation (D+C), and Sci Dev.

Check out some of the latest articles on the conference from these media partners :

‚Breaking out of the development community‘ by Evert-jan Quak, The Broker

‚Self-serving middle classes‘ by Hans Dembowski, Development and Cooperation (D+C)

‚Power imbalances still harm north-south alliances by Jan Piotrowski

For more additional reports on the panel and working group sessions, www.gc2014.org, the conference blog, has a rich collection of all articles from the panel and working group sessions.

Get the latest reports, pictures and news on the 14th EADI General Conference.

Photo: ©EADI