28.05.2014 | ICLEI: Resilient Cities 2014 Pre-events in Bonn

Key enablers for sustainable urban food production

Continuing the discussion on resilient urban food systems, this event will look at how to ensure successful implementation by connecting local governments with innovative organizations and leading companies in the field. The meeting will be on enabling policy frameworks, financing mechanisms and food quality assurance.
Due to its multi-facetted benefits, urban agriculture has a long history, a growing presence and a promising future across the globe. From community to vertical farming towards resilient city-region food systems, the opportunities come along with challenges to ensure the successful planning and implementation of sustainable city-region food production.

Which policy and legislation frameworks at local and supra-local level are required to enable successful city-region food production? Are we looking at environmental, health, social or ecological policies? Is an integrated approach as part of an urban resilience strategy most recommendable?

We are all in one boat but city-region agriculture in Asia may have to look different than in European cities due to spatial and demographic differences. Sustainable urban food production in large metropolises may therefore need more technology than smaller cities. Equally, what is financing viable in some parts may not be possible in others. Hence, the challenge of developing adaptive city-business models as enabling finance mechanisms.

Finally, whatever enabling framework is chosen, it will be equally important to reflect on how to ensure good quality food in what are often polluted cities. Here, questions are how to create acceptance besides ensuring quality and to what extend urban agriculture could be a driver towards cleaner and healthier urban spaces.

The event is jointly organized by Plantagon International and ICLEI and will take place at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut in Bonn, Germany.

Participation on invitation only. Please indicate your interest to ICLEI (resilient.cities@iclei.org)

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Open European Day

Open European Day offers a lively city to city exchange on climate change adaptation. The event focuses on the key topics of vulnerability and risk assessments, the economics of adaptation, and multilevel-governance cooperation and approaches.

The event will take place at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut in Bonn, Germany. Participation is free. Please note that places are limited.

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Source: Resilient Cities Series March Update