WWEA Quarterly Bulletin #3/4-2013 published

WWEA has published the sixth edition of its magazine WWEA Quarterly Bulletin #3/4-2013

WWEA Quartely Bulltin – Issue #3/4-2013 content:

News Analysis

REN Alliance: How to follow the IPCC mitigation scenario – intermediate targets for 2035

The Global 100% Renewable Energy Coalition called upon national governments to commit to 100% renewables


The Green Climate Fund of the United Nations – set to accelerate the energy transformation in developing countries?


Worldwide Wind Capacity Nears 300 Gigawatts

Regional Focus

Finland: Growing Wind Power Market

Code of Conduct for the Renewable Sector– Sweden is reaching out for a dialoque across international borders


Wind-Wells –Wind Concentrations for Profitable Wind Power

The bulletin #3/4-2013 can be downloaded from the WWEA website

Source: Information by WWEA from 14.02.2014