13.01.2014 | ZEF: “The importance of horticulture for pro-poor development” Public Lecture

We cordially invite you to a public lecture with Dr. J.D.H. Keatinge, Chair of the Board of Directors of GlobalHort and Director General of AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center. Dr. Keatinge will talk about  „The importance of horticulture for pro-poor development“.

Date: January 13, 2014, 3 – 4 p.m.

Venue: ZEF’s conference room, Walter-Flex-Straße 3, 53113 Bonn.

The lecture will be held on the occasion of inaugurating the new secretariat of GlobalHort at ZEF, which will be headed by Detlef Virchow (ZEF senior researcher).

There will be a small reception for those who attend the event at ZEF at 4 p.m.

Please register with presse.zef@uni-bonn.de by January 8, 2013.

We are looking forward to receiving you at ZEF on January 13!

Abstract on “The importance of horticulture for pro-poor development”

Global production of common and traditional fruit vegetables is steadily increasing.  Nonetheless, many factors constrain fruit and vegetable production, including climate change, increased urbanization and pressure on arable land, pests and diseases, an aging farming population, and adverse policies toward horticulture.  Families must have year-round access to affordable and nutritious food for a balanced, healthy diet.  Failure to make sufficient fruit and vegetables available to the general population (<200 g/day) may result in substantial child mortality or stunting.  This supply failure can be due to the lack of local production, ignorance of the importance of fruit and vegetables for health, or most common, prices in excess of what the poor can afford. The developing world must maximize crop productivity while minimizing losses, wastage and the impact on the environment where it is negative.  Solutions to improve productivity, profitability, and human nutrition include expansion and mechanization of protected agriculture, better production and environmentally-sensitive management technologies, investment in research to support traditional vegetables, improving all elements along the fruit and vegetable value chain, better engagement of the private sector (including postharvest value addition, food preservation technologies, and more efficient marketing performance), etc. Future initiatives to increase production must also emphasize consumer education to raise awareness about the value of fruit and vegetables for a well-balanced, healthy diet for all family members.

Short vitae

Dyno Keatinge holds a Doctorate in Agriculture from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland and is Visiting Professor of Tropical Agriculture at The University of Reading, UK. He has global expertise in crop agronomy and he has worked at a range of international agricultural research centers — ICARDA (Syria), IITA (Nigeria) and ICRISAT (India).  Presently, he is Director General of AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center based in Taiwan, Chair of the Global Horticulture Initiative and on the Advisory Committee to the USAID HORT CRSP.

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Source: ZEF Email news from 02.12.2013