EADI: Call for Papers: Responsible Development in a Polycentric World: Inequality, Citizenship and the Middle Classes

EADI cordially invites to submit a paper for the 14th EADI General Conference of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes.  The conference will be held from 23 – 26 June 2014 in Bonn, Germany. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 December 2013.

Poverty, inequality and sustainability continue to be the world’s major development challenges and the EADI 2014 General Conference in Bonn will delve into these issues with a focus on those groups in society who can potentially contribute effectively to responsible development in a polycentric world. 

For further information on the conference topic and the working group sessions please take a look at the conference website http://www.gc2014.org . Submissions are welcome in English and French.